About the Grand Human Project

Grand Human Project is a nonprofit organization devoted to bringing spiritually like-minded people together into community, focused on love, understanding and useful action. We offer resources and workshops designed to support your connection with the divine, while helping you foster meaningful relationships with those already in your life, as well as online and around the world.

We envision a world with vibrant, life-giving communities where people can heal, grow spiritually and feel truly connected.

Swedenborgian Principles & The New Church

New Church (or Swedenborgianism) is the name for several Christian denominations that draw inspiration from the writings of the 18th century theologian Emanuel Swedenborg.

Our content is informed and inspired by Swedenborgian spirituality, a Christian tradition grounded in love, understanding and service.

Visit us at newchurch.org to learn more!

Grand Human Project explained… by the theater troop.

Our Team

Sasha Silverman
Sasha SilvermanContent Creator
Sasha is a Content Editor and has developed many Journey small group Programs over the years. She is also currently attending Temple University for a Masters of Education in Counseling Psychology.
John OdhnerContent Creator
Rev. John L. Odhner has helped write and create many Journey small group programs, is assistant to the pastor of the Bryn Athyn Church and teaches in the local school, and is a songwriter/musician.
Michelle Chapin
Michelle ChapinAssistant Program Manager
Michelle Chapin has been involved with Journey program layout, editing, and logistics. She also is a musician, and local concert series organizer.
Rob AndrewsWeb Master
Rob is retired from a career with Burroughs and Unisys Corporation, serving as Vice-President there. He currently works part-time for the General Church with responsibility for their websites, including newchurch.org and grandhumanproject.org.
Luke David
Luke DavidVideo Co-Director
Luke helps film, edit, and publish videos about spirituality to help people find their way, connect to others through personal experiences, and encourage goodness in the world. Check out his video podcast, “Spiritable.”
Ben KeesVideo Co-Director
Ben is a filmmaker who helps share ideas and experiences with others. Often behind the scenes, he brings along his fun ideas to all his initiatives. Check out his podcast “Spiritable.”
David LindroothDirector
Rt. Rev. David Lindrooth is Director of Outreach programs for the General Church for a number of years, and recently began his service as Assistant Bishop on July 1. He had previously also been a pastor in various locations in the US and Sweden.